Expert Measuring & Fitting Service

Following Startrite Standards

Start Rite have been making quality fitted children’s footwear since 1792 and the business still remains in private ownership, producing shoes in half sizes and width fittings.
All our fitters are trained and experienced in the use of Start Rite gauges, interpreting that size indicator to give the most accurate assessment of your child’s foot shape. This measurement will then be used by the fitter to select the best shoe for your child's foot from our range of brands. However, this measurement alone should not be used to purchase shoes from other brands either online, or in High St stores should you choose not to purchase from our style selection. 

Child Food Health Register

We are proud to be listed on the register, which is only open to retailers who show a commitment to fitting excellence and stock shoes in a range of width fittings. The register particularly recognises the qualification awarded by the Society of Shoe Fitters.

Member of the Society of Shoe Fitters

This is now a registered  charity organisation and promotes good practice in shoe fitting and foot health.
It’s members comprise of podiatrists, chiropodists, and of course, shoe fitters like ourselves.

Size Conversion Chart

The measurement taken on any branded gauge is just the first indication of the actual size and style of shoe which will ultimately fit and suit your child’s feet.
A large percentage of our stock is continental, and sourced from Europe.
A conversion chart, shown below, indicates the continental size that most closely relates to the Start Rite gauges we use.

Please note the 'S' stands for small and 'L' for large in front of the UK sizes.

S2.5 E18
S3 E19
S4 E20
S4.5 E21
S5.5 E22
S6 E23
S7 E24
S7.5 E25
S8.5 E26
S9 E27
S10 E28
S11 E29
S11.5 E30
S12.5 E31
S13 E32
L1 E33
L2 E34
L2.5 E35
L3.5 E36
L4 E37
L5 E38
L5.5 E39
L6.5 E40
L7 E41
L8 E42
L9 E43
L9.5 E44
L10.5 E45
L11 E46

*Please note that there is not a corresponding European Size for every UK whole and half size.

Little Feet 

Childrens Footwear Specialist